How To Get The New Google Toolbar 5 BETA Add-On For Firefox

Sunday, January 4, 2009

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The new, improved Google Toolbar 5 (BETA) for Firefox comes as an add-on (.xpi). It has search suggestions as well as a history as you type in the search box. I also love using the Bookmarks button to easily save a page in my Google Bookmarks.

The Google Toolbar for Firefox allows me to set Gmail as default mail handler for 'mailto:' links which is super-handy!

Google PageRank is visible on the toolbar at every page you visit, which gives you a heads-up as to where the real activity is taking place.

You can add more buttons to the Google Toolbar, like a Google Blog Search, a Gmail and a Google Calendar button.

Furthermore, there is a send to button which allows you to send the page you're on, to Google Blogger, Gmail or by Google SMS.

Many more options like Google Docs, Google Image Search, Google Maps and Google Toolbar Layout settings are available via the Google Toolbar Settings and Options area.

Google has updated the PageRank of sites for the New Year so be sure to get the Google Toolbar and check if your favorite site's PR has increased or decreased.

"Take the power of Google with you anywhere on the Web"

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