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Monday, January 5, 2009

Mac owners can get Picasa for Mac from Google Labs whilst others can head on over to Google's MacWorld booth to get a demonstration of how it runs on the Mac.
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What Picasa for Mac means to Mac users is that millions of online Picasa Web Albums users will now have the pleasure of syncing from their desktop using the Picasa for Mac desktop software.

Picasa Web Album Uploader is no longer just an uploader, it also allows users to now sync those uploaded files on another PC!

Introducing Picasa for Mac (beta)...

So are you a Mac, Linux or WIndows user and have not yet changed to Picasa for photo management, for your camera and web activity needs?

Picasa for Mac runs on Mac OS X v10.4+ and supports iPhoto 4,5,6 and iPhoto '08 (version 7). Get Picasa now!

Picasa for Mac
Picasa for Linux
Picasa for Windows

See Official Google Blog: Introducing Picasa for Mac (at Macworld!)

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