How To Use Google Image Search to Find Faces, Clip Art, Line Drawings and Photo Content

Monday, January 5, 2009

Google Image Search is new and improved with different types of image searches like Faces, Clip Art, Line Drawings and Photo content. News content and general web search of Google Images can are still prevalent.

Google Image Search homepageImage via Wikipedia

I tested out the Google Image Search categories by searching the keyword 'Google' to see what eye-candy I can find.

Here is my findings for How To Use Google Image Search to Find Faces, Clip Art, Line Drawings and Photo Content...

  1. News content: Gives me some relevant images about Google in the news world.

  2. Faces: Gives me photos of individuals with Google logos mixed in the image or on the individuals' T-shirts.

  3. Clip Art: Graphical representations of Google in the form of clips art images are prominent, as expected!

  4. Line drawings: Architectures, patents, flow-charts and algorithms are depcited as line drawings when searching for 'Google' in the 'Line drawings' category.

  5. Photo content: Photos of people, Google Maps

  6. Any content: Gives an aggregated output of all the above image content types and are prioritized by relevance to the search term, query or keywords used.

I hope you contribute to this wonderful system called Google Image Search by using the Google Image Labeler as discussed in my previous post. This way we can enjoy a service as well as contribute to it's integrity for future generations of web-users to enjoy fully!

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