How To Add Reactions To Blogger Blog Posts

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Reactions are basically an emotional response to the article, similar to voting up with emotional semantics being the weighting. Reactions are defaulted to 'Funny', 'Interesting', 'Cool' and are not restricted. This means we can add more specific reactions by choice. 'Brilliant!' don't you think?

Adding reactions to a Blogger blog post is very simple. There is no HTML or JavaScript code to add or edit, just a simple checkbox to enable it.

Here is How-To:Add Reactions To Blogger Blog Posts

  1. Go to your blog at (

  2. Click Layout

  3. Click Page Elements (if not there already)

  4. Click Edit at the Blog Posts layout element

  5. Click Reactions checkbox in the Configure Blog Posts pop-up.

  6. Click Edit to add or edit the default reactions.

That is that and it's now time for users to react!
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